[squeak-dev] copying to treated - was: The Inbox: Morphic-cbr.392.mcz Breaks PopUpMenu

Levente Uzonyi leves at elte.hu
Mon Apr 5 10:15:04 UTC 2010

On Sun, 4 Apr 2010, Chris Muller wrote:

>>> Does moving to treated also place a copy in the trunk project?  I
>>> think we should do that so that the repository contains all of the
>>> proper history of its ancestors so that diffs can be performed.
>> That wouldn't work. Imagine that we decide to reject a package version for
>> some reason. You move it to the Treated Inbox and suddenly a copy appears in
>> the Trunk...
> Well, I'm talking about the case where it is accepted, not rejected.
> It becomes part of the MC model's ancestry and therefore it needs to
> be in the trunk if we want to enable MC's functionality of diffing
> between versions; don't we?

I thought you were talking about some sort of automatic copying when the 
package is moved to the Treated Inbox.

>>> I was just confronted with a strange debugger when trying to verify
>>> where the missing method went mentioned in this post below..  The
>>> referenced version is in the trunks history, so it really should be
>>> part of the trunk repository.  I manually copied it there sothat MC
>>> could perform the necessary diff..
>> Dynamic selector creation should be avoided when possible.
> I totally agree!  More abstractly, don't do anything that so
> fundamentally circumvents the IDE..
>> If it's not, then
>> the method with no "direct" sender should be marked somehow.
> it is marked.  But unfortunately things are still broken..   World

I see.

> Menu | open... | file...

It works for me.



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