[squeak-dev] PseudoContext strange behavior

Nicolas Cellier nicolas.cellier.aka.nice at gmail.com
Sun Apr 4 18:58:02 UTC 2010

PseudoContext superclass -> nil.

(PseudoContext isKindOf: Class) -> false.

PseudoContext definition ->
'ProtoObject variableSubclass: #PseudoContext
	instanceVariableNames: ''fixed fields never accessed from smalltalk''
	classVariableNames: ''''
	poolDictionaries: ''''
	category: ''Kernel-Methods''.
PseudoContext superclass: nil'

If I compare this to ProtoObject:

ProtoObject superclass -> nil.
(ProtoObject isKindOf: Class) -> true.
ProtoObject definition ->
'ProtoObject subclass: #ProtoObject
	instanceVariableNames: ''''
	classVariableNames: ''''
	poolDictionaries: ''''
	category: ''Kernel-Objects''.
ProtoObject superclass: nil'

(PseudoContext isKindOf: ClassDescription) -> true.
(ClassDescription subclasses select: [:each | PseudoContext isKindOf:
each]) -> #().
PseudoContext class allInstances -> PseudoContext.
PseudoContext class allInstances anyOne == PseudoContext -> true.
PseudoContext class superclass -> Class.

"This PseudoContext makes OB unhappy and I do not understand, please help !"


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