[squeak-dev] Re: The Inbox: Morphic-cbr.392.mcz Breaks PopUpMenu

glenpaling glenpaling at rogers.com
Sat Apr 3 20:22:59 UTC 2010

Removal of morphicStartUpWithCaption:icon:at:allowKeyboard: from PopUpMenu
breaks StandardFileMenu (try:  StandardFileMenu oldFile). Perhaps you
removed it because it has no senders. That's because the selector is created
from the concatenation of 'morphic' and
startUpWithCaption:icon:at:allowKeyboard in Project (see below). It was
recently added by David T. Lewis to manage Morphic and MVC compatibility.

dispatchTo: requestor addPrefixAndSend: baseSelector withArguments:
	"Sender wants to perform a method with dependencies on the type of project.
	Dispatch to an appropriate method for the current project.
	This method is a workaround for lack of proper ToolBuilder support in the
	and should be eliminated when possible (dtl Feb 2010)"

	| selector |
	"Flag target selectors to help identify senders"
	self flag: #mvcOpenLabel:in: .
	self flag: #morphicOpenLabel:in: .
	self flag: #mvcStartUpLeftFlush .
	self flag: #morphicStartUpLeftFlush .
	self flag: #mvcStartUpWithCaption:icon:at:allowKeyboard: .
	self flag: #morphicStartUpWithCaption:icon:at:allowKeyboard: .
	self flag: #mvcOpen: .
	self flag: #morphicOpen: .
	self flag: #mvcOpen .
	self flag: #morphicOpen .
	selector := (self selectorPrefixForDispatch, baseSelector) asSymbol.
	^ requestor perform: selector withArguments: argumentsglenpaling at ...
commits-2 wrote:
> A new version of Morphic was added to project The Inbox:
> http://source.squeak.org/inbox/Morphic-cbr.392.mcz
> ==================== Summary ====================
> Name: Morphic-cbr.392
> Author: cbr
> Time: 26 March 2010, 1:38:37.423 am
> UUID: d2ec5332-d31e-40e5-a5b4-f896cea50f20
> Ancestors: Morphic-mha.391
> I find it irksome that we have two help menus (one in the main docking
> bar, one in the world menu.) I also find it irksome that there's so much
> stuff in the help menu that's in the world menu that's not really
> help-related.
> I moved the stuff that's actually help (except for "world menu help" which
> really isn't that helpful) out of the world menu and into the docking bar.
> I took everything else that wasn't already exposed somewhere and put it in
> the Extras menu on the docking bar.
> I moved telemorphic up to the top of the world menu because I don't know
> what it's for, because it pops a submenu that wants self to be an instance
> of TheWorldMenu, and because I didn't really care to mess with
> transplanting it.
> BIG snip
> Item was removed:
> - ----- Method:
> PopUpMenu>>morphicStartUpWithCaption:icon:at:allowKeyboard: (in category
> '*Morphic-Menus') -----
> - morphicStartUpWithCaption: captionOrNil icon: aForm at: location
> allowKeyboard: aBoolean
> - 	"Display the menu, with caption if supplied. Wait for the mouse button
> to go down, then track the selection as long as the button is pressed.
> When the button is released,
> - 	Answer the index of the current selection, or zero if the mouse is not
> released over  any menu item. Location specifies the desired topLeft of
> the menu body rectangle. The final argument indicates whether the menu
> should seize the keyboard focus in order to allow the user to navigate it
> via the keyboard."
> - 
> - 	selection := Cursor normal
> - 				showWhile: [| menuMorph |
> - 					menuMorph := MVCMenuMorph from: self title: nil.
> - 					(captionOrNil notNil
> - 							or: [aForm notNil])
> - 						ifTrue: [menuMorph addTitle: captionOrNil icon: aForm].
> - 					MenuIcons decorateMenu: menuMorph.
> - 					menuMorph
> - 						invokeAt: location
> - 						in: ActiveWorld
> - 						allowKeyboard: aBoolean].
> - 	^ selection!
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