[squeak-dev] muO screencast

Stéphane Rollandin lecteur at zogotounga.net
Sat Apr 3 19:40:01 UTC 2010

> Stéphane,
> What was your objective when you have created this screencast?

I don't remember exactly when, but clearly at some point someone told me 
I should do screencasts :)

This screencast I just uploaded is there for me to point to whenever 
there is a need for it. That's pretty much all there is to it.

Since it shows how to use the documentation, it is also a kind of 
introduction to the documentation, so to say.

The bottom line is that I find it very difficult to explain what muO is 
and how it works to people that do not know what is Squeak. So the 
screencast is also an introduction to Morphic, hopefully useful in 
demonstrating what I mean when I say that the software is very dynamic.

> Reading
> your messages makes me believe that the documentation is good enough
> to not need any screencast.

Definitely. There is not enough of it, by far, but hopefully the 
existing documentation is good.

> A demo is a mean
> to grab people's attention and subsequent interest in your project. In
> that respect, I believe you are misusing your greatest asset: sound.
> Music and sounds created by muO playing in background would be more
> than enough even without a voice over. It's a good tradeoff anyway.

You are probably right but it is definitely not my goal to grab people's 
attention in such a general manner. I know for sure that only a tiny 
fraction of the computer music community would be interested in muO. I 
try to gather enough good-quality pieces of information for having such 
people simply know that muO exists; it is clear from my point of view 
that once they are aware of this, it's up to them to go further.

Actually it would really bother me if suddenly two thousand people were 
to believe they can make music easily with muO. It is just not the case. 
muO is difficult to use. I am convinced it can be very useful to a 
handful of people, as much as I am convinced it is much too complex and 
demanding for everybody else.

Also I have to disagree that my greatest asset is sound. It is not. I am 
not a good enough composer to dare attract people with my sounds :)

> Many of us are also very busy. You make the assumption that we would
> rush to try your system right away.

I think you're making an assumption about my assumptions :)

I just made public a screencast; nothing more. Since Edgar put muO in 
its FunSqueak image I reckoned there might be an interest here about this.

The funny thing to me at this point is that it took you more time to 
discuss the screencast with me than to: see the screencast, google "muo 
squeak", download the image, play with the documentation, hear sounds.

I appreciate your feedback, but I don't understand why the feedback is 
about the screencast, not about muO. Something went the wrong route here :)

> On top of that you expect us to "buy" a sound system

Please, why should any piece of information be considered advertising ? 
I really don't get it. I have nothing to sell, there is nothing to buy. 
I have no interest whatsoever for the wrong kind of persons getting in 
touch with me about a piece of software that is not for them. I'm 
definitely not advertising muO. muO has been there for years, evolving 
quietly; from time to time I make a little noise about it here and 
there, some people contact me and it's ok like that.

My domain is research, not marketing. I despise marketing. Please don't 
confuse me with a salesman; it's insulting.



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