[squeak-dev] muO screencast

Ian Trudel ian.trudel at gmail.com
Sat Apr 3 18:42:18 UTC 2010


What was your objective when you have created this screencast? Reading
your messages makes me believe that the documentation is good enough
to not need any screencast. It may not be useful in respect to
documentation. You are however talking about a demo. A demo is a mean
to grab people's attention and subsequent interest in your project. In
that respect, I believe you are misusing your greatest asset: sound.
Music and sounds created by muO playing in background would be more
than enough even without a voice over. It's a good tradeoff anyway.

Many of us are also very busy. You make the assumption that we would
rush to try your system right away. Yet I had to contact you to obtain
muO's homepage because it wasn't all that clear. I like the approach
that you have undertaken for your system and I hope to be able to try
it some time later but it is pooled after whatever else have to be
done first. My point is that your demo (and whole project) fight for
our attention against many other things.

On top of that you expect us to "buy" a sound system by looking at its
colours... and by pressing pause once in a while to admire the blinks.
Now I may be a bit too business minded but that would "sell" squat. :p

I am sure that trying will unveil a wonderful system but this is as
long as you get people's attention and interest long enough for them
to download your system and actually try it. Besides, it is just
feedback rather than expectations and you can do however you please.
No worries. :)


2010/4/3 Stéphane Rollandin <lecteur at zogotounga.net>:
>> Actually, not everyone learns well by reading, and it is difficult to
>> read and watch a demonstration at the same time.
> As I said, just hit the pause button, and the demonstration stops. I am just
> *not* going to double the already existing documentation by screencasts with
> voice-over. I much prefer spend the time it would require setting-up some
> more documentation since there is still a lot to cover.
> I am actually a bit surprised by these expectations about screencasts I got
> from you and Ian. As Squeak users, I would expect people on this list to
> prefer the actual interaction with the software and its interactive
> documentation over a plain and dumb screencast. It is much more fun and
> meaningful to learn about muO from inside muO, just as it is the case for
> Squeak itself.
> regards,
> Stef


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