[squeak-dev] Why do the buttons in the code browser change size along with the rest of the panes?

Markus Lampert markuslampert at yahoo.com
Thu Apr 1 19:29:21 UTC 2010

I did take a stab at that a few months ago (for the same reasons) but it broke the browsers for small screens (as was pointed out here). So I basically reverted those changes again. The biggest problem back then was that resizing the button pane was highly inconsistent.Haven't looked at it since due to general work load.

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> No, you're not alone.
But who would be proud to put her initials under a 
> subclass of StringHoler ;)


2010/4/1 Ken Causey <
> ymailto="mailto:ken at kencausey.com" 
> href="mailto:ken at kencausey.com">ken at kencausey.com>:
> I've been 
> ignoring this issue for a while now thinking someone else
> would get 
> around to fixing it, and frankly it has been a while since
> I've used an 
> updated trunk image.  I finally updated today and it's
> still 
> there.
> Am I the only one that resizes the code browsers?  Who 
> likes the fact
> the the button panes resize along with the other panes? 
>  Why would that
> pane be defined to be a percentage of the parent pane 
> and not based on
> the size of the tallest button?  I'm not sure where to 
> look to fix this,
> pointers would be appreciated.
> Ken

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