[squeak-dev] Copying the sources file

John M McIntosh johnmci at smalltalkconsulting.com
Thu Apr 1 01:03:20 UTC 2010

On 2010-03-31, at 5:59 PM, Levente Uzonyi wrote:
>> +1  In Sophie we replaced this with a primitive to which had the responsibility to ask the operating system to copy the files.
>> The complexity of meta-data (security, dates/times, Access lists, stuff) on a *file* make Squeak's desire to copy just the bits rather 1970 ish...
>> Oh wait pre that since it doesn't preserve the from file security settings either...
> What's really "funny" about this method is that it doesn't really copy files, just the copies the contents of a ReadStream to WriteStream using a ByteString as a buffer. It doesn't use files at all.
> Levente

Ya, in Sophie everything was a URI. So in the copyFromURI:toURI  we would check and say oh look 
both URI's are file based, so do this copyFile:to: primitive.  Otherwise the URI read/write logic came into play... 

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