hi Clement,

I was watching your nice talk on Pharo Optimizing JIT Internals. At 14:40 [1]
you mention VM call-back to Scorch DNU-style.  I was just curious how that might affect the jitter of the DelayScheduler waiting for the timingSemaphore set by "primSignal: timingSemaphore atMilliseconds: millisecondNextTick"
to be signalled by the VM?

[1] https://youtu.be/yDKaHphbFow?list=PLJ5nSnWzQXi_THfKwhzxFwbXy00YTi0uv&t=883

cheers -ben

P.S. Later when you say Sista will be an optional VM - curious whether Sista might be switched on/off from within the VM? or just a command line flag? or an actual different VM (which adds complexity to system management).