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You fucket it up all Miranda and banda ... old snail squeak was best.  // Good Bye

I wonder what specifically is "fucked up".  I think everybody contributing here wants things not to be "fucked up", and pitching in and helping is more constructive than flinging mud, and more likely to produce results.  Jan, can you list some specific issues you'd like to see addressed (technical or social)?  

2018-03-23 1:59 GMT+01:00 tim Rowledge <tim@rowledge.org>:

Ping. We could do with some info on these questions...

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> At the last SOB meeting we had a couple of minutes discussion relating to some recent VM issues; this is just to wave the flag and remind us that they are out there and could do with answering by anyone that Knows The Truth.
> a) Squeak3D plugin is only built on ARM config. Simple oversight in config files?
> b) B3DAcceleratorPlugin on Pi; it needs assorted gl.h files and there is no easy to spot doc of what packages have been installed on the autobuild Pi that provide them. In general that lead us to wonder if we can get some better documentation about the whole build/test/bintray setup on squeak.org so that we spread the knowledge a bit better.
> c) Also Pi related - the Pi vms appear to be itimer versions, which appear to give somewhat variable performance. I have no problems building thread timer vms, which seem much more consistent. Why is the thread version a problem in the autobuilder world? Or is it a simple oversight? And why is the package naming of the form  squeak.cog.spur_linux32ARMv6_itimer_201803052012.tar.gz but the VM directory still named as sqcogspurlinuxhtRPi and thus looking like the threaded timer?
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