Cincom Smalltalk™ Helps JP Morgan Consistently Beat Their Competition )

2018-03-28 5:50 GMT+02:00 Jan Barger <>:

I need 24/7/365 stable vm and pharo for my biznis in financial services - and it seems i need to use older versions

2018-03-28 5:41 GMT+02:00 Jan Barger <>:
Sorry for incident, put Pharo which i downloaded crashed, and the same with my old image and new vm and new 64 bit. 
Eliot is maybe just too good guy, but consequences for future and vm which are so complicated and unstable just pointing to his unmature and nonprofesional work. 

Maybe Cincom is not financing him to do this nasty job to pharo and vm, but it seems so.

Thanks, and sorry once more for this incident.

2018-03-28 3:36 GMT+02:00 Sean P. DeNigris <>:

David T. Lewis wrote
> The vm-dev list has for many years been inhabited by talented and
> constructive
> people… We should all be proud of that.

Hear! Hear!

David T. Lewis wrote
> If anyone would like to see the messages that have been blocked so far,
> I will be happy to forward them to private email.

I'm interested in seeing them.

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Ing. Jan Barger