Thank you, Dave,

I was indeed now able to load update-dtl.27 in a Squeak 4.5 image, with a slightly more careful McPackageLoader>>basicLoad - some extra error handling, as the load is hitting some syntax errors.
I can ignore those errors, as they don't affect any of the translatable plugins. Ballon3D is also not translatable to JavaScript.

But I am curious about FloatArray64Plugin, would it be possible to add it? I am not sure how widely used it is, but it should be translatable, and even quite performant, as JavaScrip has native float64 arrays.


On Thu, Nov 30, 2023 at 10:30 AM <> wrote:

Hi Florin,

I did another configuration update at

This fixes to use http rather than https and also updates the package dependencies.

I should note that the "VMMaker updateFromServer" update stream is no longer reliable, as it can bring in new package versions that only work on opensmalltalk-vm. Right now, Balloon3D- Plugins has that problem, but it's a bit of an ongoing maintenance problem. Nevertheless, if you directly load update-dtl.27.mcm in a Squeak 4.6 image, you should get a working interpreter VMMaker tool for code generation by evaluating "VMMakerTool forUnix".


On 2023-11-29 23:25, Florin Mateoc wrote:


Sorry, I did not mean to only reply to Dave, forwarding to the list as well
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Date: Wed, Nov 29, 2023 at 11:02 PM
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Hi Dave,
Thank you for the prompt reply and fix. It does not work yet, as the new address uses https and the code has a check "urlString beginsWith: 'http://'", can we use http instead?

On Tue, Nov 28, 2023 at 10:09 PM <> wrote:

Hi Florin,

Thanks to Marcel for identifying the issue. The repository has a new address at, so I updated the VMMaker 'update' configuration to point to this new address.

The latest configuration map at should be working again now.

Please reply here if there are any further issues, and thank you very much for reporting the problem.


On 2023-11-25 21:47, wrote:

It looks like has gone off line for some reason, I can't even ping it right now.

If it does not come back we can put a copy of those packages somewhere else for safe keeping.


On 2023-11-25 21:15, Florin Mateoc wrote:


For the last couple of weeks, I cannot load anymore Dave's "update" lineup in VMMaker, because of some packages stored on (FreeType and FreeTypeConstants). 
I get a ConnectionRefused: Cannot connect to #[204 246 122 142]
This used to work. Has something changed, or am I doing something wrong?
Thank you,