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> (e) Cog uses heartbeat timer to interrupt interpreter at regular time periods
> what can be done, i think it to suppress heartbeat, during relinquishProcessorForMicroseconds execution.
> but that won't buy much, unless we increase the time period to sleep to be times larger than heartbeat cycle (both are 1ms).

If I understood, the timer coalescing can push timers around to produce spurts of activity followed by quiescence; this results in better overall power performance. It *might* cause problems with a high-frequency heartbeat.

You pick the "drain my battery real fast" option.... Also in the past known as "higher performance" to remove the delay in the morphic polling loop.
yeah, we should get rid of that polling thing and Delay, instead make it wait on semaphore..

P.S. what i missing on BSD systems is good analogy to WaitForMultipleEvents() function which available
in Windows kernel. It is far superior to select() and poll().
i don't know, if situation is improved in this are since last time i checked.
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