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Hi all,

David did a mea-culpa about a monticello commit that broke some stuff and I started wondering if my commit to VMMaker-oscog broke some stuff as well as there was a gap in the commit number (I saved originally to my local cache before saving to live and forgot
that it would up the version number)

You know that you can copy a package from your package cache?  Here's the workflow...

1. Commit (which first writes the package to the package cache) but get a permissions error.

2. In the Monticello Browser select the package cache and click Open

3. In the resulting repository inspector navigate to find and select the committed package

4. Choose Copy and select the target repository from the resulting pop-up

My apologies if I broke the source tree. 

You can't :-).  All you can do is commit a broken package that at worse could break some automatic tip builds.  But no one has to integrate your changes if they don't want to, and you can easily commit a new fix.  So don't worry unduly.  It is expected that if you break it you fix it but don't feel bad about it. 

Please call me out on my mistakes when I make them.



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