Hi Eliot

>a and ast are prefixes for assert.  There are three VM configurations.  Debug and Assert include assert code, with the Assert VMs being optimized with -O1 (asserts are slow to evaluate and a little optimization can really help).  Debug VMs are entirely unoptimized (and hence crawl). >The third is production where asserts are eliminated by the preprocessor.
>Obviously I should be consistent and withe ruse a or ast, not both (and the same for d/bg).  I'm about to revise the whole build directory stricture anyway to make it much more consistent, but I've yet to find the time.

If you have time to give me that naming convention, I will build that directory structure for you and send it to you as a tarball, complete with the existing files so it saves you some time there.

>>The "t" suffix is for "threaded" and means that these VMs have the threaded heartbeat, with the others using the problematic itimer heartbeat.  Alas older linux kernels don't allow the threaded heartbeat, but once we're not interested in supporting older then 2.6.14 (IIRC) then they can be dropped.

Is  'mt'   is that the same as 't'  ?