Hi Ken, Hi All,

I've recently (this a.m.) fixed some issues with aarch64/arm64. First
we now have callback support. Load Alien-Core-eem.119 and build from the
tip of the Cog branch of opensmalltalk-vm. Second, there was an
instruction encoding bug that meant that the JIT generated invalid code for
methods that accessed a lot of temporaries (the exact number depends on how
many arguments a method hasl the details are not important). Again, build
from the tip to get these fixes. I can now run Terf on Apple Silicon and
that's a pretty tough test; the system has a method that provoked the
invalid code bug, and uses callbacks extensively to receive encoded and
decoded video and audio data. So if you've been using the stack vm or have
been hankering for callbacks now is the time to update.


On Tue, Jul 20, 2021 at 2:46 PM Ken Dickey ***@***.***> wrote:

> Sorry for the previous, thought you were asking me to build. Hey, I
> confuse easy.
> Speaking of which. I built an arm64 Stack VM. Did not segfault yet, but..
> 16r972d70 printString.
> '4697373381401812893483258890699268716261339736828073362386882406748670561626194148589568'
> ???
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best, Eliot

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