On Sun, Oct 10, 2010 at 2:19 PM, Nicolas Cellier <nicolas.cellier.aka.nice@gmail.com> wrote:

2010/10/9 stephane ducasse <stephane.ducasse@gmail.com>:
> Why do you all think that mariano is not trying to learn?
> He is! He read all the chapters available and books on the topics.
> Now may be tell him simply that he is an idiot.
> This would be more efficient. But Mariano is a really smart guy so may be
> we can also tell him to do ruby or python and we can stay in our nice little
> club or we can consider that learning alone is difficult.
> Stef

Apologize to Mariano,
Sure we got a little upset by the gap between the level of the
question and the hard task of modifying the VM.
But stephane is right, we all have the right to be idiot, and most of
us are, sometimes (I recently asked a very stupid question about
The spirit behind Smalltalk is not to build walls around complex
things, and reserve the knowledge to a happy few cast, and ideally
this should apply to the VM too (otherwise, no use to specify it in
pseudo Smalltalk code).

But Steph, you must see the good side of this community: despite the
tone of the answers, Mariano got 3 responses driving him to the
In other languages I bet this would have been just RTFM.

But probably because in those other communities, there ARE manuals.
Come on, the blue book is nice, and I like it. But not everything is there (I am not talking in particular about this problem).
And several things have changed since the blue book. We don't have OT anymore, I think the GC is also completly different, etc.
And the documentation almost ends there....few wiki pages.
Here in my lab they are trying to bootstrap from a new image and the same problem...the documentation is very bad.