@estebanlm, when you are back on board after vacation, this one is ready to go.
Appveyor passed, but also at I did some additional testing switching third-party-caching on and off
at https://ci.appveyor.com/project/bencoman/opensmalltalk-vm/history
between builds 0.0.23.bencoman and 0.0.30.bencoman

Travis failure seems irrelevant - presumably due to hiccup in external network resource.
36 of 37 Travis jobs succeeded. The one that failed was...
1590.36 Xcode: xcode7.3 C ARCH="macos32x86" FLAVOR="squeak.stack.spur"
3699 Tests, 20 Failures, 3 Errors
All 23 failures were from StringSocketTestCase & SocketStreamTest due to 10 second timeout.

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