Specifically what is unprofessional and immature about my work?  The thread you originally responded to was one where I pointed out that the Pharo VM was out-of-date.  I referred to a bug that was mine (have you ever released software containing bugs?), and that I had fixed, as promptly as I could once I had an error report.  How is that being unprofessional?

For me is unprofessional any  advanced future improvements that leads to less stable and less robust vm. I dont need "significaly faster" vm ( speed of old squeak is acceptable ), i need less comlicated and more robust solution for future. 

Maybe Cincom is not financing him to do this nasty job to pharo and vm, but it seems so.

How do you conclude this from my actions?  And what specifically about what I've done for the Pharo VM is a "nasty job"?  Do you know that I am not responsible for the Pharo VM?  That I don't build it, and that I help maintain it pro bono.  Do you know that Spur is now faster than VisualWorks and once Scorch/Sista is stable and in production that the VM will be significantly faster than VisualWorks?  How is that in Cincom's benefit?
Why you are not still at CINCOM when you are so cool and smart? They should pay and want such a genius more than this open source community, or no?

best, Eliot