I am not able to generate the sources for the VM.

I am following these steps:

1. Download a squeak image (MAC 32 bits) from the official website. 

I have to do so because if I run "buildspurtrunkvmmakerimage.sh" from the latest Cog branch of opensmalltalk I got a dmg and when the script (or me) tries to open it, it appears a warning (the following disk image could not be opened) and nothing more happens.

2. When I file in the UpdateSqueakTrunkImage it hangs in: 'intalling kernel-nice.1127' so I am not able to update the image.

3. If I try to generate sources without updating the image running "VMMaker generateSqueakSpurCog64VM" I got a PrintFormatString>>transformVMMaker mnu.

Can anybody point me out what am I doing wrong?

Best Regards,