Please read the documentation.
There are many other interesting settings documented at the site that you should check out if you're trying to set up production environments with the Squeak VM on Windows.

  - Andreas

On 12/19/2011 13:53, Esteban Lorenzano wrote:

Although my direct responsibility with the community is building mac vm's, for my day work necessities I'm also building windows vm's (one of my clients want a multi-platform desktop app). 
When doing this... I found one difference in vm behavior between mac, linux and windows: when you press "close button" in main window, both linux and mac fires a callback to image, who can decide if quit, quit saving or denial of quit for some reason. Windows, in the other hand, pops up a dialog "Quit Croquet without save" and then quits or not. We can't handle this from image.

Changing this is as easy as removing the dialog part... without it, windows behaves just as the other two... 

So, my question: Why??????? Why is that code there? Is there a reason? or just remnants of older vm's?