I read that the discussion related to RoarVM[1] is here. I do not have any experiences about small talk, squeak vm, etc. After reading RoarVM github[2], its main website[3] and slide[4], it doesn't mention how to use RoarVM. I thought that was passing the source like [4], but from the output 

Usage: rvm ... <snapshot-file-name.image>

It looks like I am wrong. So I would like to know if any documents tell how to use rvm and some simple tutorial? 


[1]. http://stefan-marr.de/2010/11/roarvm-the-manycore-squeakvm
[2]. https://github.com/smarr/RoarVM
[3]. http://stefan-marr.de/renaissance
[4]. http://stefan-marr.de/rvm-open-source-release/Sly3.mvc.st