I tried using the squeak VM from the repos and when I try to spin up a VM from the images I have "Cuis-smalltalk" It says the VM version (0) is not compatible with the image. Might the segfault and this issue be related to the image? The version of opensmalltalk that does work for me is squeak.cog.spur_linux32ARMv6_201901172323

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On Jul 21, 2021, 11:02 AM, OpenSmalltalk-Bot wrote:

> HI,
> Actually
> sudo apt install squeak-vm
> will just install the squeak vm. It seems to be automagically
> installed on the two PIs I have running, one running the current
> version and one running the previous version.
> cheers
> bruce
> On 2021-07-20T19:18:23.000+02:00, tim Rowledge ***@***.***>
> wrote:
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>>> wrote:
>>> So do you want me to try and build from source? The segfault
>>> showed up from the binaries.
>> Well that's always an option, though right now there are a number of
>> interesting issues in the midst of being cleared up.
>> Another option is to load the vm from the Raspberry Pi archive; it
>> includes a VM I built in January that appears fairly solid, at least
>> for running NuScratch. If you loaded the raspbian release with
>> scratch already included then the VM start shell script is in
>> /usr/bin/squeak
>> Otherwise you would need to do some apt install stuff; I've never
>> actually loaded that way since as the developer of it I sort of had
>> it there anyway. Looks like
>> `sudo apt install nuscratch`
>> ought to work. Obviously it will load a bit more than the vm but you
>> can always just delete the specifically scratch related files.
>> tim
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