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I am also planning on making a standard interface for embedding the VM in an application, at least as a static library. With this new building system, this seems to be easy to do.

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This negative energy surrounding you right now is me hating you Sith Lord style.

How dare you ?

Yesterday 03:00 am I finally managed to make my shared memory bridge between Pharo and C++ to work also on Windows after a ton of debugging and here comes you telling me that all my effort was for nothing. It now works and is tested on MacOS 10.12 , Ubuntu 15.04 and Windows 10 (all of them 64 bit). 

Have you got no mercy ?

Suffice to say I am super interested in both Non GUI Pharo because I use Unreal Game Engine and embedding Pharo because I use Unreal Game Engine.

Embedding Pharo is a must have for me because my shared memory solution would not be acceptable by Apple on iOS since it forbids an app from running two executable at the same time which is basic requirement for shared memory. Stupid Apple :/ . Android seems to be fine with this.

For now my game will target only PC where my shared memory solution works fine but sooner or later I will have to port to iOS and Android.

If there is anything I can do to help you out, dont hesitate to ask. I am going to give your build a try now :)