Hi Vanessa --

We changed Process >> #suspend in May 2022 to use the newer primitive 578 instead of 88. The fallback is still primitive 88 but I now wonder if that fallback works as expected.

If I use primitive 88, I can still open a regular debugger for "self halt" in a workspace. All buttons enabled. Hmm...

Maybe verify your implementation of primitive 88? myList should definitely be nil for suspended processes as it encodes the scheduling queue for a certain priority for running processes.


Am 25.11.2023 12:31:23 schrieb Vanessa Freudenberg <vanessa@codefrau.net>:

In recent images, SqueakJS often does not allow proper debugging, most of the buttons are disabled, e.g. just executing "self halt" in a workspace:


self interruptedProcessIsReady => false
interruptedProcess isSuspended => false
myList isNil => false 

If, instead of sending #halt I do a "debug it", it works fine. In that case, "myList" is nil and interruptedProcessIsReady answers true.

Does anyone have a clue what the difference might be?