Hi everybody.

We want to announce that we've created a mailing list called "Smalltalk VM Beginners" where all the people interested in VM can share knowledge. The aim of this mailing list is create a good and positive energy and spread the knowledge around the Squeak VM. If you always wanted to know something

on the VM but never dare to ask, join the mailing-list, may be we will not know it but we will try hard to learn it together.

The idea is that we can help each other, welcome people to learn about the VM, and increase and share the knowledge about it in the community.  Everybody can ask questions, everybody can help. This mailing list has more or less the same idea of pharo-users or squeak-beginners.

Now, to clarify the objectives of the mailing list, we propose some requirements:

- Be polite, respectful.
- No question is stupid and all questions are welcome. We welcome the most basic questions someone can ask about the VM like,  "is it written in C?"  "How can I download the code?"
- This mailing list should be useful for people that are just interested in knowing a little about the VM, to those who want to know how certain things are done, and specially for those that are learning about the VM because they need to extend or modify it.
- If you have a heavy question, you will probably not get the answer in this mailing-list but this is not a problem you can ask in the Squeak VM mailing list.
- The idea is that we can help each other.

So, the link to the mailing list is:


Address:  vm-beginners@lists.squeakfoundation.org.