On 29 March 2018 at 11:47, Jan Barger <barniisk@gmail.com> wrote:

Specifically what is unprofessional and immature about my work?  The thread you originally responded to was one where I pointed out that the Pharo VM was out-of-date.  I referred to a bug that was mine (have you ever released software containing bugs?), and that I had fixed, as promptly as I could once I had an error report.  How is that being unprofessional?

For me is unprofessional any  advanced future improvements that leads to less stable and less robust vm. I dont need "significaly faster" vm ( speed of old squeak is acceptable ), i need less complicated and more robust solution for future. 

Much of the stability issues are not related to speed but to the conversion to 64-bits, which is *critical* for our community since over time modern operating systems are making it harder to run 32-bit applications.  A lot of the complexity is probably in the Cog-JIT, so perhaps StackInterpreter build of the VM would provide the balance of stability and speed you desire (@All, how would you rate that option?)

btw, again I ask...
1. Which OS version were you running Pharo on?  
2. Were you running 32-bit or 64-bit Pharo?
3. Which links did you download Pharo from?  i.e. what is the version/date of both VM and Image?   Often we can advise that specific VM/Image has a known bug that has since been fixed. 

cheers -ben