On Sat, Oct 9, 2010 at 3:01 PM, Eliot Miranda <eliot.miranda@gmail.com> wrote:
Hi All,

    now I'm successfully simulating the LargeIntegers plugin I'm hitting what I consider a bug in CArray, used to model C pointers in the simulator.  The first problem is that CArray>>#+ & #- return an integer value, not another CArray,  (in C (char *)(exp) + n is still of type (char *), not int) and that the addition/subtraction doesn't scale by the unit size (in C (type *)p + n == (type *)((char *)p + n * sizeof(type))).  The second problem is that << >> * & // are meaningless on C pointers.  Anyone think of a good reason why I shouldn't a) rewrite CArray>>#+ & #- to read

+ n
^ self shallowCopy += (n * unitSize)

- n
^ self shallowCopy -= (n * unitSize)

(since e.g. 
+= increment

ptrOffset := ptrOffset + increment)

and b) delete CArray>>#*, #//, #<<, #>>, #bitAnd:, #bitOr:, #bitShift: & #signedBitShift: ?

So far so good.  The only thing that broke was the use of BitBltSimulator/BitBltSimulation>>#tableLookup:at: which can be deleted and in BitBltSimulation>>#pickSourcePixels:flags:srcMask:destMask:srcShiftInc:dstShiftInc: rewrite
destPix := self tableLookup: cmLookupTable at: (sourcePix bitAnd: cmMask).
destPix := cmLookupTable at: (sourcePix bitAnd: cmMask).