Hi Squeak VMers,
I would like to start a dialog about the possiblity of joining forces, perhaps with the goal of producing a version of the Strongtalk VM for Squeak. 
Our problem over here is that the release of the VM source isn't very well timed, since no one from the original Strongtalk team has the time or inclination to support a full-blown open source effort to get the whole Strongtalk system finished and usable as a separate version of Smalltalk.   It may turn out that Gilad Bracha can get some Sun funding to get a few VM engineers going on it, but that is speculation at this point. 
Personally, I just want to follow the fastest path to getting an open-source Smalltalk with this VM technology out there.   If there is enough interest from Squeak VM-land,  I would prefer to refocus energy from the Strongtalk community towards helping get Squeak up and running on our VM, porting it, etc.
What is the thinking in Squeak-land about this?