Hi folks,

I know doing a pull and "build of the hour" is caveat programmer, but in
the interest of quick feedback...

squeak.stack.spur/plugins.ext (unlike under squeak.cog.spur), lacks

VectorEnginePlugin builds & works fine with Cuis images, BTW. Many
Thanks to All!

I am a frequent user of vm-display-fbdev. In current, I have to cd to
this dir, type 'make', cd .. and ./mvm n. I believe this is the case
for both Stack and Cog builds. Hey, _I_ use it! ;^)

As has been the case for some weeks now, the aarch64 Cog VM starts up
fine, but later segfaults with a bad stack address.

Thanks again to all..

[Nudge: the vm-display-fbdev fixes I pushed have not yet been

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