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On Oct 16, 2014, at 14:02 , tim Rowledge wrote:

>>> -#if defined(__arm__) && defined(__ARM_ARCH_6__)
>>> +#if defined(__arm__) && (defined(__ARM_ARCH_6__) || defined(__ARM_ARCH_7A__))
>> What about other 7A ISA? What about ARMv8?
> One thing at a time. When we have some example v7notA machine to play with we’ll extend the code. And a v8 might be while coming; the only v8 machines easily available are Apple phones and tablets (unless you know differently?) and they aren’t going to be allowed Squeak any time soon.

My SAMSUNG ARM Chromebook has Cortex A15 w dual ARM 7A (NEON) cores.

Let me know what/when to test.  Thkx.