Hi tty,

I am waiting eagerly for your results. My PharoVM for OpenIndiana is not yet working perfectly.
I have some minor problems with sound (just the first tone and then silence) and X11 copy and paste (not working).
For me itís also just a nice little experiment as I try to keep OpenIndiana on my Sun Ultra 24 as a Workstation OS
after Oracle more or less abandoned Solaris for Workstation use.


Am 30.05.2014 um 20:49 schrieb gettimothy <gettimothy@zoho.com>:

Hi Andreas.

What I meant was: The pre-configured ĄUNIX-"VMs for either CogVM or PharoVM are just Linux (and because Linux is just a kernel 
these donít necessarily work for all Linux distributions), not real UNICES.

To my knowledge this is also true for VMMaker (at least for the Pharo variant). There are some relicts from FreeBSD but thatís only loosely coupled
and not working without additional coding (again Pharo variant). I havenít seen any other classes supporting Solaris or any BSD variants despite FreeBSD.
I created a Solaris specific support class (in a git clone of PharoVM) but itís hard to make use of it without further refactoring: there is an inheritance chain of
configuration classes and no easy way to inject a new class. At least I didnít see an easy way...

I have a tri-boot system--SlackwareLinux 64, Slackware Linux 64 with 32 bit compatibility libs, and OpenIndiana (an OpenSunOS variant).

Its a chicken-egg problem where I lay the egg on Linux and see if it will hatch on OpenIndiana. I.e. I generate the CMake config on linux and run on SunOS.

I can hand-edit the SunOS config until I get it correct and then modify the CMakeVMMaker SunOSConfig to generate the correct CMake files.

Like you say, SunOS is NOT linux and it is very unfamiliar in a lot of respects.

Still, it will be cool to have it running sometime--just for the cool factor.