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I have gotten a bit lost, but getting closer.

I am now able to run Squeak 5.0 on my ARM Chromebook via:


In Cog/image I loaded a Squeak5.0.image with

Oops, the image building scripts are in image/old.  I forgot that now that Squeak 5.0 is released I'd cleaned up the scripts and left only ones to create 64-bit images.  Forgive me.  So....

0. cd to the image directory
1. build a VMMaker.oscog image via
$ buildsqueaktrunkvmmakerimage.sh

2. get that image to convert a Cuis image by adapting old/BuildSpurTrunkImage.st
| pwd |
Utilities authorInitialsPerSe isEmpty ifTrue:
        [Utilities setAuthorInitials: 'autoboot'].
pwd := FileDirectory default fullName.
SpurBootstrap bootstrapSqueakImage: pwd, '/', 'trunk46forspur'.
SpurBootstrapMonticelloPackagePatcher new
        from: 'temp-v3-repository' to: 'temp-spur-repository';
Smalltalk snapshot: false andQuit: true

I suggest you start-up that image and explore the bootstrap.  There are two parts:

        SpurBootstrap bootstrapSqueakImage: pwd, '/', 'cuis'

will try to produce a cuis-spur.image and cuis-spur.changes from cuis.image & cuis.changes.  But the modified methods won't contain source; they'll be decompiled.

SpurBootstrapMonticelloPackagePatcher new
        from: 'temp-v3-repository' to: 'temp-spur-repository';

will try and patch the Collections, Compiler, Kernel & System packages in the first repository into new versions with the modified source in the second repository.  One can then load these packages in the cuis-spur.image to get the correct source.

Over time I modified the bootstrap so that there was an automated patching process.  We can set something up for Cuis later on.  First concentrate on getting bootstrapSqueakImage: to produce an image that starts up.  Then concentrate on SpurBootstrapMonticelloPackagePatcher to get patched packages that can be loaded into cuis-spur.image, and then you can think about the release process and making the transition.

And if you have an urgent question I'm on Skype at eliotmiranda.


I then save & restart the image with the equivalent of
  squeak reader.image <Cuis4.2.image >Cuis5.0.image

But get a zero length Cuis5.0.image result.

As the reader.image quits immediately, I did not get to see what the code should be doing.

A usage hint would be helpful here.

Thanks much,


best, Eliot