On Thu, Apr 30, 2009 at 8:43 AM, Igor Stasenko <siguctua@gmail.com> wrote:

There are multiple issues, when loading VMMaker into closure-aware
image (10292).

two #needsToRegenerateInterpreterFile methods
storing into block args. Fix is easy and quick.

But what to do with this??

Compiler reporting 'stack including temps is too deep'.

GeniePlugin>>primSameClassAbsoluteStrokeDistanceMyPoints: myPointsOop
otherPoints: otherPointsOop myVectors: myVectorsOop otherVectors:
otherVectorsOop mySquaredLengths: mySquaredLengthsOop
otherSquaredLengths: otherSquaredLengthsOop myAngles: myAnglesOop
otherAngles: otherAnglesOop maxSizeAndReferenceFlag: maxSizeAndRefFlag
rowBase: rowBaseOop rowInsertRemove: rowInsertRemoveOop
rowInsertRemoveCount: rowInsertRemoveCountOop

(yes, this is a method's message pattern) :)

i stopped trying to load VMMaker at this method.

The workaround for this is just to change the code in generate: so one can proceed from the error and still define the method. The method doesn't need to be run, only translated so there's no harm in that.  Some time some kind soul should refactor this method  into an outer and an inner or I should change the large context sizes.

It would be nice to have VMMaker loaded in image+closures running
under VM+closures :)

Just do the workaround and you'll have just that.


Best regards,
Igor Stasenko AKA sig.