Google wants to beat the speed of iOS. iOS uses native code and Objective-C highly optimized dispatch loop. So, with a less powerful piece of hardware, Apple devices trounce Android ones when it comes to smoothness of animations, battery etc.

As Android uses the Dalvik VM, the only way to get as speedy as iOS is to go as close to native as possible.

We are talking 60 fps for a lot of pixels these days. My Nexus 7 with 4.4.2 still feels laggy compared to my iPad2. That is due to the whole VM/Java thing. iPad2 is 2-core, Nexus 7 is 4-core and with a NVidia graphics chip.

AOT is working very well when it comes to Java code (well, Android Dalvik bytecode here).

AOT is getting a lot of traction these days. LLVM also has this.

So, why care about 50% or 100%, the point is that it is getting faster in a way that affects the user perception. Which is what matters.

For example, Pharo feels slow compared to Dolphin, Smalltalk/X etc. Maybe the VM is of equivalent speed. Not the user experience.


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But he said increase in speed, not performance.

Same argument.  What does it mean to complete a task 100% faster?  What does it mean to reach your destination 100% faster?
not much apart from the author's lack of literacy :)

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I would interpret twice as fast, and that's only 50% rather than 100% reduction of execution time :)

relative performance = new time - old time / old time.
2x = -50%
3x = -75%

-100% means new time = 0, and performance is infinite.

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"The benefits? Some sources are reporting a 50% increase in speed. Others say it’s closer to 100%. Many claim they’ve seen their battery life increase by 25% or more!"

Got to love those 100% speed increases.  Apps really fly when they take no time at all... 




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