Awesome Tim.

Thank you.

I am adding your insight to the book notes.


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> Referring to my earlier post on the trace of the Block/Method Contexts, at n=1, n=2, n=3 We see, per Ryan pointing it out, that MethodContext(2367) is activated 3 times.
> To me this is obviously caching in action. If its not, please give me a heads up.

Without having looked in any detail at the code I’d say it is more likely to be the simple context recycling in action. It’s a very, very, long time since I did anything in that area but I have this vague memory of used contexts getting stuck on a list (so yes, a very simplistic cache of sorts) and being available for use the next time a new context is needed. Ah, here we are - look for allocateOrRecycleContext

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