2014-05-29 18:15 GMT+02:00 gettimothy <gettimothy@zoho.com>:
Hi Nicolas

I was not aware of Clement's headless technique, so current implementation requires invoking SqueakCMakeVMMaker configs or builders from a live image.

Since we need the various configurations in place  before going headless, I will focus on that first.  (Also, I am not that bright and I need to keep things simple for my simple brain (:  )

Also, on Squeak, I have stripped the build.sh to only  run cmake and make without installing tools(?)  first like the pharo build.sh does. Let's save that for another interation.

What would be totally-freaking awesome is to have something like Twitter Bootstrap has  has where you select your platform, vm, plugins, etc then if a vm of that configuration is available you are given a download link. 
Or, if it does not exist already (think lazy initialization) then a job kicks off and it is created for you, then an email is sent with the download link. For that sort of thing (and others) the scripts are the way to go.

But, first things first.



You will find examples of squeak flavour headless commands for building VM on http://build.squeak.org
But for sure, the Pharo team did a great engineering work for reproducing the exact same artefact automatically.