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Mmm no, the history of the squeakFileOffsetType was originally for the use of file system 64bit points back when 64bit support Windows was a 
footnote in some Microsoft engineers diary.  It was first introduced on the mac version of the VM with other variations following years? later. 

Technically it is a platform specific entity since not all file systems support 64bit values, so it's improper to consider for other usages outside the file system support plugins.

OK, but in any case IMO the usqLong/sqLong defines belong alongside the sqInt/usqInt ones.

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Igor Stasenko wrote:
Btw,  about that function. Its using a squeakFileOffsetType, which is
platform specific, and i had hard times
trying to deal with right header inclusion order imposing dependency
of interpreter from platform code, which, IMO should be avoided.
I propose to change it to
typedef  unsigned long long vmFileOffsetType;
and use this type instead.

I'm not sure if MSVC supports long long nowadays. It didn't used to - it used to require __int64 which is why the definition of squeakFileOffsetType is external.

We should just use usqLong.  The platform-specific definition in platforms/Cross/vm/sqVirtualMachine.h can be moved to sqMemoryAccess.h so that usqLong & sqLong are also available once sqInt & usqInt are.


 - Andreas

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