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I am working on removing most of windowing code from the VM, and in trying to unify the platform specific code of the VM. In the MinimalistHeadless branch of https://github.com/ronsaldo/opensmalltalk-vm I made the following changes:

Fantastic, except:

- Unified standard CMake building scripts for Unixes. I hate autoconf. I want to use them in Windows too.

We have agreed that we will use makefiles and restrict make to generating platform config.h files that define platform facilities.  I have very good reasons for doing this.  I have discussed this at length this year.  Please don't make me argue this all over again.  Are you on board?  Would you like to discuss this on skype or somewhere?
[goodness deleted]

Does it make sense, to always trying to create a display in startup time?

Good question.  The answer should be "no" but that only makes sense if the system is written to not depend on a display when in headless mode.

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