Are you saying that I can can run my 64-bit Squeak.image running PTAPAS [1] on the Pharo headless VM?!?!?! Now that, my Ladies and Gentlemen, would constitute a profound shout-out to the Heritage [2]. Hey, goddammit, don’t you forget your Heritage!!! You gained a profound VM for Pharo [3]! Do you feel me?

[1] PTAPAS -
[2] Squeak -
[3] Cog Spur 64-bit Sista Multi, Malto, hi to hair, dost PI wisson calculiert, Schnell, Vielen Schnell!!!

Vas ist deinem mackht Los Corison Stein, meinen Schatchzie? Do you feel me, now?


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On Wed, Apr 29, 2020 at 13:57, Ben Coman <> wrote:

On Tue, 14 Apr 2020 at 10:43, tim Rowledge <> wrote:
a) it's way past time we stopped opening a windows when it isn't needed. No window should be created until and unless the system actually writes to the display and calls for a display update. This would enable image-controlled headlessness. RISC OS was able to cope with it 25 years ago.

Pharo is doing that, in their branch
which IIUC is the branch being used to build all Pharo VM going forward.   Once they've worked the bugs out of it,
it might be worth pulling that back to evaluate for Squeak to use.

cheers -ben