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The main VMMaker repo is on http:/source.squeak/org/VMMaker, not on
smalltalkhub. The repo is common with other programming languages than

This is a relief ;-). I really appreciate prompt and helpful replies in this list in spite of your tight deadlines. Thanks a ton.

To integrate your changes into the main repo you may send a mail to
vm-dev (in CC). If you plan to commit frequently in the VMMaker
repository you may ask for commit rights on the repo. Alternatively you
may hope that someone with rights will look into your changes. Any
change that break one of the builds (including all platforms,
programming languages supported, vm versions) that has no massive impact
on the VM (performance, stability or feature) is usually ignored.

I expect to contribute to VM code (Slang and platform/unix code). I just returned to this list after a 3 yr break and trying to reorient myself with the repo changes.  If I understand right,

I'm not a definitive source, but I can answer from what I've gathered from other posts
(and so also I get my understanding checked) 

 * Mainline for VM Slang remains at the above MC repo


 * Mainline for VM platforms code has moved from squeakvm.org/svn/squeak/trunk to opensmalltalk-vm github and issues are tracked in this github repo.

yes.  Although currently "Issues" is not routinely dealt with.  At the moment it seems more of a wish list. 
Problems tend to be dealt with directly via vm-dev discussion, and fixes committed directly to the HEAD.
This may end up used more as more contributors come along.   

 * squeak SVN now works downstream of opensmalltalk-vm github repo for squeak vm releases.

Squeak-VM "nightly" builds are being done from git, not SVN.
I don't know about Squeak's official major version releases. 

 * pharo-project works downstream of opensmalltalk-vm github repo for pharo vm releases.

This past year (or more?) Pharo has been progressively moving closer 
and closer to OpenSmalltalk build system.

But the existing pharo-only CI infrastructure remains in addition to the OpenSmalltalk-CI. 

 * Issues specific to squeak/pharo packaging should be posted to their respective projects and mailing lists.

Correct at Image level, but any VM packaging should also copy vm-dev list. 

 * patches to VM platforms should be submitted to vm-dev for opensmalltalk-vm and then squeak/pharo projects will pull them as necessary.

At VM level there is currently little distinction between downstream projects.  
Their builds are defined within OpenSmalltalk...

Each downstream project has commit rights to OpenSmalltalk. 
So its all the same source with the main differences in build options, plugins and third-part libs. 

btw, you may find this of interest... 
* http://forum.world.st/Minutes-of-the-Meeting-to-Discuss-Moving-Cog-to-Github-td4896416.html

cheers -ben