Hi All,

    I just added code to the Cog branch for the Mac VM so that whether primVmPath/primitiveVMPath answers the directory containing the VM.app or answers the Resources directory within the .app is controlled by the SqueakVMPathAnswersResources preference in the Info.plist file.  primVmPath is used to determine where to derive the sources file from.  By default primVmPath answers the directory containing the VM.app and therefore the sources file is at the same level, e.g. /Applications/Squeak.app & /Applications/SqueakV41.sources.  But some installations (e.g. Newspeak and the EToys all-in-one) may find it more convenient to put the sources in VM.app/Contents/Resources.  This means one file to install, not 2, etc.  I think it useful that this behavior be in the standard VM.  Esteban, if you agree, perhaps you could integrate into the trunk platforms/Mac OS?