Hi Alex,

     exactly what issues have you had with the Plan 9 compiler and what are the changes to VMMaker you had to make?  You may have already written a message on this.  Of so, can you send me a link to it.  Otherwise it will help me integrating to know.  The Cog VMMaker's translation-to-C subsystem is quite different from the trunk VMMaker and straight-forward integration is probably not possible.

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Hello all,

I'm at a stage of stability in my port of Squeak to the Plan9 operating
system. I was wondering who I should contact, or where I should go, to
either submit my work or get access to the SVN repository of platforms
hosted at squeakvm.org. It didn't quite seem like the sort of thing that
should be put on the Mantis bug tracker, but I could be wrong.

Any push in the right direction would be much appreciated!
If your port uses Cog then please send me a tarball of the files plus some
description of any changes you had to make.  And thanks!!
Currently it does not use Cog, although that is actually my next step in
development if I have enough time! It just uses the normal interpreter
(as generated by VMMaker).

Hi Alex,

I see that you have uploaded your Plan9-Compat.4.cs change set to the Mantis
issue, thanks for doing that.


I think that you are working with a "trunk" VMMaker as your base. I may be
able to help by testing your changes first with Linux and an interpreter VM.
 From there, I should be able to forward the applicable changes to Eliot for Cog.

I need to ask couple of questions so that I start from the right place:

- Are all of the changes for Plan 9 compatibility in the change set for VMMaker?
Or are there additional changes that need to be applied to the trunk/Cross or
trunk/unix source code? If there are platforms files, please follow Eliot's
suggestion of sending a tarball (or zip, or whatever is convenient). If it is
not too large, please send it directly to the vm-dev list.

- Which version of the VMMaker package did you start with? If you can give me
a specific VMMaker mcz file that you initially loaded, or tell me what Squeak
image you initially used, that would help. Or, try evaluating "VMMaker versionString"
in your VMMaker image, and let me know what it says.



Hi Dave,

To answer your questions:

- I believe almost all of the changes in the change set are for VMMaker, although there is a change to the abstract SequenceableCollection object to add a doWithIndex:separatedBy: message.

- The version of VMMaker that I started with was VMMaker-dtl.350, which I loaded from source.squeak.org/VMMaker into a Squeak-4.5 image.

I'll wrap up the platforms code into a tarball and send it to Eliot (and the vm-dev list). Currently the platform code assumes that the FilePlugin, SocketPlugin, B2DPlugin, and BitBltPlugin have been generated as internal plugins with the interpreter code, I still need to make changes for it to intelligently generate the makefile based on the configuration (there are no autoconf tools in Plan9 so that will end up being some script). So I will probably be making more changes as time goes on.