2015-09-15 9:19 GMT+02:00 Nicolai Hess <nicolaihess@web.de>:

2015-09-14 23:10 GMT+02:00 Eliot Miranda <eliot.miranda@gmail.com>:
Thanks Nicolai, that's great!  I'll merge in your changes.  Which files do I need to look at?

I changed (removed my code, added Marcels)

I added (should be the same as in squeak vm repository)

But my changes only about that code that already is in squeaks repository.

If we want to merge some of the pharo-vm code into squeaks branch, we
first need to wrap that code with some #ifdefs

(For the win32 file/directory stuff, this would be code in

Maybe Estaban should look at this, and tell which path he would follow  to
merge those changes.

OK, these changes are now in pharos vm repository, ....

but I just found another issue with long paths, squeak and pharo:

This is a path from one github repository based package

u:\pharo_images\images\Pharo 5.0 (beta)-50376\github-cache\mtaborda\aconcagua\master\mtaborda-aconcagua-4d0a14f\repository\Aconcagua-Core.package\NotProportionalDerivedUnit.class\instance\initializeBaseUnit.conversionBlock.reciprocalConversionBlock.nameForOne.nameForMany.sign..st

Yes, pathlength is 282! But I think the problem is not the overall path name, but the length of the filename.

On squeak, you can open and browse the parent directory in a FileList and even show the contents of the contained files.
On Pharo, this does not work, because Pharos FileList uses a different method for accessing the file attributes.
(the difference is, we call dir_EntryLookup, whereas (most) of Squeaks FileList methods just call dir_Lookup).

But there are some methods in Squeak that call dir_EntryLookup and those are failing too.

For example:

"Creating a Stream and reading the contents works"
(FileStream fileNamed:'u:\pharo_images\images\Pharo 5.0 (beta)-50376\github-cache\mtaborda\aconcagua\master\mtaborda-aconcagua-4d0a14f\repository\Aconcagua-Core.package\NotProportionalDerivedUnit.class\instance\initializeBaseUnit.conversionBlock.reciprocalConversionBlock.nameForOne.nameForMany.sign..st') contents.

"Creating a Stream and accessing the directory entry does not work"
(FileStream fileNamed:'u:\pharo_images\images\Pharo 5.0 (beta)-50376\github-cache\mtaborda\aconcagua\master\mtaborda-aconcagua-4d0a14f\repository\Aconcagua-Core.package\NotProportionalDerivedUnit.class\instance\initializeBaseUnit.conversionBlock.reciprocalConversionBlock.nameForOne.nameForMany.sign..st') directoryEntry
" -> Error: file not in directory: initializeBaseUnit.conversionBlock.reciprocalConversionBlock.nameForOne.nameForMany.sign..st"