On 2/15/07, Alan Grimes <agrimes@speakeasy.net> wrote:

I have a bunch of visual basic code that's been dropped on me. -- for
controlling hydraulic presses for use in geology experiments...

So naturally, I'd like to play with a squeak analog... I have some
experience with back-end type stuff in Squeak such as the math library
used by Croquet... However, throwing a gui together seems to be a much
more daunting problem, While you can throw morphs on the screen to your
heart's content there isn't the kind of code generation system that QT,
Borland C++ builder, or MS Visual* has... I went to squeak.org and
naturally, 2/3rds of the links give me

" Bad Gateway

The proxy server received an invalid response from an upstream server."


I believe that's been fixed.

Where can I find a good walkthrough for creating an application such as
the media player?

I don't know of any GUI makers. There's BobsUI, which is an old project that may or may not load into 3.9. Personally I prefer to write things out in code manually.

If you can make your application only with basic widgets (buttons, lists, trees, text etc) then I highly recommend learning about ToolBuilder. For examples, find any buildWith: methods in your image after loading any examples (such as the PlusTools) you can find. I made a UI using ToolBuilder in much less time than it took me to fight with Morphic.

If you need to use Morphic, then poke around the image looking for some simple morphs similar to what you want. Then make your own - subclass Morph and copy / modify code a bit. The best way to learn is by playing.