sudo apt install squeak-vm

will just install the squeak vm.   It seems to be automagically installed on the two PIs I have running, one running the current version and one running the previous version.


On 2021-07-20T19:18:23.000+02:00, tim Rowledge <tim@rowledge.org> wrote:
On 2021-07-20, at 9:50 AM, Joseph Turco <notifications@github.com> wrote:

So do you want me to try and build from source? The segfault showed up from the binaries.

Well that's always an option, though right now there are a number of interesting issues in the midst of being cleared up.

Another option is to load the vm from the Raspberry Pi archive; it includes a VM I built in January that appears fairly solid, at least for running NuScratch. If you loaded the raspbian release with scratch already included then the VM start shell script is in /usr/bin/squeak

Otherwise you would need to do some apt install stuff; I've never actually loaded that way since as the developer of it I sort of had it there anyway. Looks like
`sudo apt install nuscratch`
ought to work. Obviously it will load a bit more than the vm but you can always just delete the specifically scratch related files.

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