On Thu, 10 Jan 2019 at 00:24, Ron Teitelbaum <ron@usmedrec.com> wrote:
Hi All,

It's that time again. 

After years of watching, this year I signed up to vote for the first time!  
A personal development program I'm involved in made me realize I've been keeping myself on the sidelines 
since the election normally takes care of itself - but my complacency disconnects me from my community.

So I signed up. I would encourage anyone else lurking to also do so.  It really didn't hurt.

And then someone encouraged me to nominate.  

My first thought was "no, I'm more involved with Pharo".  
Then after consideration I realized who I am is someone concerned with the continuation of Squeak 
and with a foot in both camps I may have something of value to offer the Squeak community.

While the two dialects are diverging significantly at the UI level, my interests lie 
at the lower levels where there doesn't "necessarily" need to a lot of differences.  
Notwithstanding opposing design decisions, the natural enemy is isolation. 

So should the Squeak community see value in it, I would:
      * quantify the low level Squeak/Pharo differences referenced against Pharo's headless build
      * promote low level homogenization of dialects (and I'll be glad to learn something new from any dissent around design decisions)
      * promote a headless version of Squeak to run on the same minheadless VM that Pharo is targetting
      * work to reduce dialect specific IFDEFS in the vm code

I offer my candidacy for the 2019 Squeak Oversight Board on that platform.  
If you see the possibility of that benefiting Squeak, please let your opinion 
be known by voting, particularly if you've not voted before.

cheers -ben