Thanks Marcel!!  Can I fold this into my makefiles?

On Tue, Sep 24, 2013 at 12:43 AM, Marcel Taeumel <> wrote:

Hi, there! ---

As Cygwin seems to be not offering gcc-v3 mirrors anymore, here is a
step-by-step tutorial to build the CogVM for Windows 7 machines (and later,
I suppose) using MSYS:

1. Install the "MinGW Package Download and Installation Tool"
   ! Remember your installation path, e.g. C:\MinGW
2. Run it and install the following classified under "Basic Setup":
   > msys-base
   > mingw32-base
3. Run MSYS and setup PATH variable:
   > EITHER make /mingw/bin accessible (e.g. add symbolic link to /c/MinGW)
   > OR add /c/MinGW/bin to PATH (=> my choice)
4. Install or downgrade the following packages via MSYS (close the MinGW
   installation tool first). If you downgrade, you may have to uninstall the
   current version first:
   > DOWN: mingw32-binutils 2.22-1 (fix windres.exe behavior)
   > NEW: mingw32-gcc-v3-core 3.4.5-20060117-3
   > NEW: mingw32-gcc-v3-g++ 3.4.5-20060117-3
   > DOWN: mingw32-mingwrt 3.20-2 (needed for linking gcc-v3 object files)
   > DOWN: mingw32-w32api 3.17-2 (needed for linking gcc-v3 object files)
   ! MSYS command example: "mingw-get --install reinstall binutils=2.22-1"
5. Checkout SVN repository with CogVM source
   ! Remember your checkout path, e.g. C:\Tools\cogvm
6. Adapt /c/Tools/cogvm/cygwinbuild/Makefile
   > Adapt -L option for LDFLAGS and CONSOLELDFLAGS to your MSYS environment
   > Maybe exchange --export-dynamic with --export-all-symbols
7. Adapt /c/Tools/cogvm/cygwinbuild/plugins.ext
   > Remove BochsIA32Plugin because it will not build
8. Adapt /c/Tools/cogvm/cygwinbuild/Squeak.rc if needed, e.g.:
   > Use custom icons and descriptions to identify your build artifact
     later on :)
9. Run the script ./c/Tools/cogvm/cygwinbuild/mvm
   > chmod +x it if needed

It should build fine with the results added to cygwinbuild/build*.


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