Argh~ I missed the step about acquiring the image. Great thanks for the help! 

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I read that the discussion related to RoarVM[1] is here. I do not have any experiences about small talk, squeak vm, etc. After reading RoarVM github[2], its main website[3] and slide[4], it doesn't mention how to use RoarVM. I thought that was passing the source like [4], but from the output

Usage: rvm ... <snapshot-file-name.image>

It looks like I am wrong. So I would like to know if any documents tell how to use ram and some simple tutorial?

The very basics are documented here:
The last line of section “Building the RoarVM form Source Code” also starts the VM.

My guess is that the confusion comes from Smalltalk using an image that contains the source code.
You seem to try to pass the code file directly to the VM, which unfortunately won’t work.
The VM first needs the image, which contains the whole system to be run.

Hope this helps