Hi Ben,

Try Ctrl-Z
"In a non-Cygwin Windows program, Ctrl-Z on input triggers an end-of-file condition."

I had tried this, and since it's bash it just stopped the program, as expected.

I'd also looked at the page you referenced, but on reading it again thought I'd try unsetting the susp key:

stty susp ''

And sure enough, running the mingw version works this time:

$ ./mingw.exe

Read 5 characters

While it is a workaround, I'm not sure that asking users to modify the terminal settings and remember to use Ctrl-Z instead of Ctrl-D for Pharo in bash is going to be practical.

What do you think?

Just for LOLs, the following does work:

$ cat | vm/PharoConsole Pharo7.0.image eval StdioStreamTest manualStdinTest | tee /dev/null

It doesn't work in headless mode, I haven't figured out why yet.


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