I try to rebuild the VM on a Mac OS 10.5, to do that i follow all the step of the ReadMe.txt in documentation of the source.

First i install Xcode ( ver 3.1.3, with powerPC support).
Then, i install a clean install of VMMaker :
-Last Squeak image (ver  3.10.2 7179).
-Installing ballon 3D, then FFI and Klatt.
-VMMaker and Alien Support.

generate a the src.
"Gnuify" the src.
and build the project xcode (with the project in platform Mac Os source ):
all file are present except "Squeak VM Opt.app", but i think it's normal.

i try to compile, a error ld: library not found for -lcrt1.10.5.o
 any idea of how i resolve that ?

Arnaud Jean Baptiste
PhD Student - Rmod Team - INRIA